bespoke: adjective (British)

(of goods, especially clothing) made to order.

In a world of mass production and homogenized culture there are those who appreciate craftsmanship, provenance and individuality.

Cloth has held meaning for humans since the beginnings of civilisation. Scottish textiles have a tradition of connecting people to a place or other people through the use of colour and pattern. Rare indeed is a product which can provide for the basic human needs of warmth, comfort and protection and yet give so much more.

Cloth to connect with

With nearly 30 years experience of textile design for clients around the world, I am able to offer a bespoke design service to tailors, designers and businesses who would like to commission short lengths of handcrafted woollen cloth woven in Scotland.


Jacket and waistcoat courtesy of Susannah Hall Tailors, London.

For more information please email¬† [email protected] or call Sam on 07748 014 970