artisan:   noun
1. a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson.
2. a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.

I have always remained grateful for the hand skills I learned, first from my parents, and then at Glasgow School of Art.

Born and brought up in Scotland and with 25 years experience designing fine merino textiles in Australia, I have a heart-felt connection to wool.

I returned to Scotland in 2007 and while developing training for Harris Tweed weavers, I witnessed first-hand the infamous clickety clack of the old Hattersley looms with all their romantic charm and mind-boggling Victorian engineering. Here was a machine for commercial cloth production that only requires two feet, alert senses and a lot of patience.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring together all my skills in design and hand weaving, knowledge and experience of commercial wool textile production and my love of the Scottish landscape.

There is incredible satisfaction in producing cloth using my own hands and feet.